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Permanent Earthing Solution PES

At COMCO, we’ve pioneered PES—a groundbreaking conductive material that’s your ultimate solution for challenging grounding issues. Our innovation in permanent earthing has been put to the test, meeting the rigorous standards of IEC 62561-7 and IEEE 80-2000 Clause 14.5. We’ve introduced a new era of corrosion resistance and electrical performance previously missing in the industry.
PES sets a new benchmark for environmental responsibility too. It’s free from sulfur, sodium chloride, sulfuric acid, and hydrochloric acid—no harmful leaching, no pollution concerns. Compliant with stringent regulations, it’s trusted by both provincial and federal authorities.
With a resistivity of under 0.12 Ohm-m, PES is here to stay. It’s permanent, maintenance-free, and won’t wash away. No matter the soil conditions, it enhances grounding effectiveness. It’s your go-to solution for areas with poor conductivity—think rocky terrain, mountain peaks, or sandy soil.
Remember, whenever you need permanent earthing, PES shines. Whether it’s wrapped around the rod in an augured hole or enclosing grounding conductors in a trench, we’ve got your back.”
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Our Solution

PES Delivers Effective Results:

• Drastically reduces earth resistance and impedance measures.
• Typically boasts a resistivity of less than 0.12 Ohm-m.
• Once it takes its ‘set form,’ it maintains consistent resistance throughout the lifespan of the ground system.
• Excels in all soil conditions, ensuring performance even during dry spells

PES: User-Friendly and Versatile:

• Conveniently available in 25kg (55.11 lb) bags.
• Can be effortlessly installed either in its dry form or as a wet slurry.
• Offers the potential to downsize grounding systems in situations where conventional methods fall short.
• Embraces various installation methods, including the Trench Installation Method and Ground Rod Backfill Installation Method.”



What we offer


“At COMCO USA, we take pride in pioneering Earthing Solutions that have redefined electrical power earthing for over 15 years. Serving a diverse clientele spanning the electricity distribution, transmission, generation, and construction industries across the globe, we are renowned as frontrunners in this vital safety discipline. Our contributions have been instrumental in shaping industry standards, including the influential 41-24 and S34 standards.”

The Importance of Electrical Earthing

In an electrical network, the primary reason for implementing earthing is safety. When all metallic components within electrical equipment are properly grounded, it ensures that in case of insulation failure within the equipment, there are no hazardous voltages present in the equipment casing. If the live wire accidentally makes contact with the grounded case, it effectively creates a short circuit, causing the fuse to blow immediately. This action safeguards against the presence of dangerous voltages.

Our Journey in Advancing Electrical Earthing

At COMCO USA, we take immense pride in our legacy of pushing the boundaries in electrical power earthing for over 15 years. Our commitment to excellence has allowed us to serve a diverse clientele spanning the global electricity distribution, transmission, generation, and construction industries. We are recognized as leaders in this critical safety field and have played pivotal roles in shaping industry standards, including the influential 41-24 and S34 standards.

The Vital Importance of Electrical Earthing

To Ensure Human Safety, Protect Structures, and Safeguard Equipment: The primary purpose of electrical earthing is to preserve human life by preventing the danger of electrical shocks or fatalities, achieved by blowing a fuse. It establishes an alternate path for fault currents to flow safely, thereby eliminating risks to users. Furthermore, it shields buildings, machinery, and appliances during fault conditions, ensuring that all exposed conductive parts remain at a safe potential. Additionally, electrical earthing provides a secure pathway for dissipating lightning and short circuit currents, creating a stable platform for various applications.

PES and Environmental Responsibility

⦁ Soil-Friendly: PES has no adverse effects on soil, ensuring soil health.
⦁ Groundwater Protection: It does not leach ions or contaminate groundwater, preserving water quality.
⦁ Meets EPA Requirements: PES complies with Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) requirements for landfill use.
⦁ Safety Data Available: You can request the Material Safety Data Sheet (COM #786) from COMCO® for additional information on product safetyOur Warranty for Permanent Earthing
We guarantee that our maintenance-free  Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) requirements for landfill use.

The Permanence of PES  

⦁ Durable and Non-Leaching: PES does not dissolve, decompose, or leach over time, ensuring long-lasting performance.
⦁ No Periodic Treatments: It doesn’t require regular charging treatments or replacements, reducing maintenance efforts.
⦁ Maintenance-Free: Enjoy the convenience of a maintenance-free solution.
⦁ Not Dependent on Continuous Water: PES remains effective without the need for a constant water supply.
⦁ Resilience in Freezing Conditions: Even in freezing temperatures, resistivity increases by only 10-15 percent, demonstrating its durability.


(PES) will consistently deliver the required level of resistivity and maintain it over time. With PES, your investments are safeguarded as it protects the electrode, including copper rods. Feel free to contact us for more information and peace of mind

Your Ultimate Permanent Earthing

PES by COMCO USA represents a cutting-edge conductive material designed to resolve even your most challenging grounding issues. It has undergone third-party testing in accordance with IEC 62561-7, confirming that PES complies with IEEE 80-2000 standard Clause 14.5 on page 68. This standard marks a significant milestone in corrosion resistance and electrical performance, filling a longstanding gap in the industry.
PES distinguishes itself by being free from sulfur, sodium chloride, sulfuric acid, and hydrochloric acid—substances that can leach out and harm the environment. These elements are strictly prohibited by both provincial and federal authorities due to their potential to contaminate surrounding areas, including the water table. With a resistivity of less than 0.12 Ohm-m, PES is not only permanent but also maintenance-free, ensuring it never leaches or washes away.
Regardless of soil conditions, PES enhances grounding effectiveness, making it the ideal choice for areas with poor conductivity, such as rocky terrain, mountain peaks, or sandy soil.”
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Why Choose us

Distinctive Features and Specifications

⦁ Physical Appearance (Powder Form): Fine powder with a mesh size of 200 – 250.
⦁ Low Resistivity: Ensures efficient conductivity.
⦁ High Conductivity: Provides superior electrical performance.
⦁ Permanent: Offers a long-lasting solution.
⦁ Maintenance-Free: Requires no ongoing upkeep.
⦁ Maintains Earth Resistance with Time: Ensures reliability over the long term.
⦁ Sets Firmly, Does not Dissolve or React: Remains stable and unreactive.
⦁ Does not Pollute the Earth and Water Table: Environmentally friendly.
⦁ Suitable for Installation in Slurry Form: Versatile application.
⦁ Does not Depend on Presence of Water: Works reliably in various conditions.
⦁ Performs in all Soil and Weather Conditions: Reliable performance in diverse environments.
⦁ No Reaction with Electrode (Sulphur Free): Non-reactive and sulfur-free for safety.

  Important Considerations and limitation              

COMCO shall not be held responsible if the products are not stored or used in accordance with their specifications and recommended procedures. Additionally, COMCO shall not be liable for any loss of business or profits, downtime, delays, labor, repair, or material costs, or any other consequential loss or damage unless the installation or setup is performed by COMCO itself. Liability is limited to cases directly resulting from the willful or gross negligence of COMCO’s employees.
The claimed resistivity of PES is subject to COMCO’s self-execution of projects or its designated employees. No assurance of resistivity can be provided if PES or grounding is executed by any third party. Please note that specifications are subject to change without prior notice due to our ongoing product development.
Safety is paramount: Improper installation, misuse, misapplication, or failure to follow COMCO’s instructions and warnings can lead to product malfunction, property damage, serious bodily injury, and even loss of life. Our products should never be used for purposes other than their intended design or in a manner exceeding specified load ratings. Always adhere to safety instructions, including compliance with relevant codes and regulations at the job site. Use appropriate safety equipment such as eye protection, hard hats, and gloves when needed. Keep our products out of reach of children.
Cautions: PES can irritate the respiratory system and skin. Avoid contact, ingestion, or inhalation of the product:
1. There is a risk of serious eye damage; wear eye protection. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse mmediately and repeatedly with water, then seek prompt medical attention.
2. Do not breathe dust; wear respiratory protection when exposed to PES dust.
3. Protect your skin with appropriate attire, including boots, gloves, clothing, and eye/face protection.
4. Avoid prolonged contact of PES with the skin; wash skin promptly after any contact with PES.
5. In case of ingestion, drink large quantities of water immediately, then induce vomiting, and seek medical attention without delay.


Features of PES



Conventional Earthing cannot meet the standard. PES is advance and as per I.E.E.E standard .Cost of installation is very high. PES is low cost and permanent solution Lengthy installation procedure Quick and easy installation This method require sulphuric acid, salts etc.They absorb and pollute the earth and water table.PES does not comprise any such materials And will not leach away with the passage of time.Limited durability PES is durable & permanent.Weather conditions adversely disturbs the resistivity level. PES maintains resistance level in any weather condition It require maintenance on regular basis PES is maintenance free. The resistivity level obtained first time will remain stable Soil condition with low resistivity is highly corrosive. Any conductor in dry soil will be deteriorated instantly PES protects conductor from any corrosion effects in any soil condition Moisture is highly required to maintain resistance, in a dry conditions. PES is free from any such conditions water. ESTIMATED OF PES FOR BACK FILLING AROUND ROD
Dia. of hole Depth of hole (feet) *1.8m 2.1m 2.4m 2.7m 5.2m 5.8m 6.1m(6’) (7’) (8’) (9’) (17’) (19’) (20’)7.5cm (3”) 1 1 1 1 2 2 210.0cm (4”) 1 2 2 2 3 3 312.5cm (5”) 2 2 2 3 4 5 5
15.0cm (6”) 3 3 3 3 7 7 8
17.5cm (7”) 3 3 4 4 8 9 10
20.0cm (8”) 4 4 6 6 11 12 13
22.5cm (9”) 5 6 7 8 14 15 16
25.0cm (10”) 6 7 8 9 17 19 20
Excess standing water must be removed from the hole. If premixing PES in a slurry form, use a
standard cement mixer or a mixing box, wheelbarrow, etc. Use 5.5 to 7.5 liters (1 to 2 gallons) of
clean water per bag of PES.
Bore dia may vary from 3-12 inches and
depth vary from 8-15 feet, as per soil
100% Pure Cooper Rod and Cooper
Bounded Rod, to be used with PES.
Dig a trench at least 10.2 cm (4
inches) wide x 76.2 cm (30 inches)
deep or below the frost line,
whichever is deeper.* Spread out
enough PES to uniformly cover
bottom of trench about 2.5cm (1
Carefully cover the PES™
With soil to a depth of about 10 cm
(4 inches), making sure not to
expose the conductor. Tamp down
the soil, then fill in the trench.
Mix PES into a slurry form. Use 1.5 to 2
gallons (5.7 to 7.6 liters) of pure-potable
water per bag of PES.
Use a standard cement mixer or mix in
mixing box, wheelbarrow, etc.
Spread out enough PES to uniformly
cover bottom of bore –about 2.5 feet
About 4-6 Inches of the pure copper
conductor will come above the trench
surface level.
Do not mix PES with salt water.

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